June 2017: Hotel Málaga Premium

After spending many years dealing with hospitality architecture, we have finally completed the design & construction supervision of our first boutique hotel. It´s located in the heart of the old city of Málaga and very soon has become a very trendy place thanks to its varied culinary offer, the magnificent views of its rooftop terrace […]

February 2016: Completion of the Gateway

The construction of the Gateway Portico in MIjas has been succesfully completed. It also works as a huge urban lamp!

April 2015: Gateway Portico

Now we have completed the design of a portico for the new entrance to the same residential complex. It will be built soon!

April 2015: New Landscaping Project

The office is completing  the project of the landscaping of a residential housing development in Calahonda, Mijas. One of its highlights is the proposal of an artificial cypress; it will be made of a steel structure covered by natural creepers.